Wednesday, August 5, 2009


In the Hindu mythology it is mentioned that Sumantra was the chief counselor Of Maharaja Dasaratha.

Sumatra once made a prophecy that Aswamedha was to be performed by the Rishi Sringa. He pacified the infant Rama with a mirror. Sumantra was sent by Vasishtha to summon the Maharaja to the ceremony of the crowning of Rama as the King. Kaikeyi, Dasarath`s wife intervened and desired Sumatra to bring Lord Rama into their presence, and on his arrival she informed him of a previous promise of Maharaja and stated that he should go into exile. Sumantra reproached Kaikeyi but all in vain. Sumantra then drove Rama and Sita out of Ayodhya in the royal chariot, and on his return to the palace delivered Rama`s parting message to Dasaratha

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