Wednesday, August 5, 2009


In the epic Ramayana it is said that Sarama is one of the female guardians placed over Sita when she was a captive in Lanka. Sarama is an elderly Rakshasi differed from the others, and was of a kind disposition. The beauty and misfortune of the gentle princess sita touched her with pity. In the extremity of Sita`s distress, when an attempt had been made to convince her that Rama was dead then Sarama took the fainting Sita in her arms. Sarama then bending tenderly over her whispered comforting words in her ears and said that Rama was not dead and that it was cruel trick of magic meant for her. Then Sarama told how she had heard, Ravana planning this scheme for persuading Sita to believe that her husband is dead. Sarama then kindly narrated to Sita the landing of a vast army of Rama that seemed to have sprung from the bosom of the sea.

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